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[this is good] Most impressed. Smitten  but a sort of deja vu smitten, like I have the  feeling that you must have shown me the lyrics some time  .just some lines. weird.,but good songs do that
But excellent  DD


 I am not  so sure about that. Its  a memory thing rather than a recognition.I am getting some vibes from the presentation that  remind me of other things that I cant put my finger on.
But there is something more direct about the lyrics themselves  that gives m e that weird feeling. Its more as if somebody had shown them to me, back then. Are you sure you never sent them to the Gnome? Probably somebody equally smitten quoted some lines to me and it stuck at the back of my mind,until.
 Then it could be part of one of the "future flashes" that I get.
Although maybe its just a much more subliminal thing, a background theme to moping around Coventry,trying to find answers,on the day that a certain nurse hasn't shown up in the International Centre and without the bus fare to get to the parents in the hope of borrowing a couple of pounds.
Its also a commentary on memories themselves, looking back at all of those sunny days, when we know that most of the time it was grey and drizzled soaked.
I like this more than I did late last night,now I have recognised the last duck on Naul's Mill Pond flying away in disgust because i havent thrown any crumbs.
There is also a ripple of an idea in the presentation that I can associate with-that of being in encased in a bubble while ,able to watch but unable to interact with the world. (I call it a "sphere of confusion" nowadays.
Do You have plans for this? How would you tweak it , if at all?
This started of as a private message but I have decided to post it as a comment, in case others can make sense of what I am saying. DD

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