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Dave Birdsall

this is beautifull trev.  I do not have the ability to recount in words the xperinece when I read this, yet I can say that it conjured up images that otherwise would not have been there, and It has insishght to............YES. yehaa is good description actually.

Trev Teasdel - Songwriter

Thanks Dave a few lines went missing when I saved it - Sorrento in partic - so have put them back in now (Gremlins). It's more of a surreal metaphor for modern living (suggestive rather than real rather real as I've never been there!) - so it's good it conjoures up your own images and interpretations. That's interesting to hear you say that - and how fast were you - I only just uploaded it!!

Jim Pryal

Great poem Trev. I really like the words. Modern living a la catwalk!

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Thanks Jim for the feedback on the poem. I'll get to try it out at a couple of gigs in August in Stockton and Harrogate.


[this is good] I really liked the rhythms and images - I felt like I was in a complex,  multi-leveled city that was as much inner state as a place.  I stumbled on the word 'leprechauns' though because it I felt out of "place" to me.  Thanks for posting this beautiful poem. 

Trev Teasdel - Songwriter

Thanks Joy for that feedback - I think that's the idea behind more or less. I was trying to create something that was more visual and impressionistic rather than something with a linear meaning and was both an inner and outer landscape at the sametime. So I guess it worked from that point of view.

I think I felt the same about the leprechaun at first - but I liked the juxtaposition of glowworm and Leprechaun and I think it somehow fits in that fashion and wealth are somehow themes in this and glowworm leprechauns suggests to me people dressed up brightly - but there's no much depth there.

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